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Perfect Fishing Escape

This rental is ideal for a fishing getaway. The area is about 15-20 minutes from Downtown Salisbury, just in case you need to order out one night or buy supplies at the local WalMart. Otherwise, this property is secluded and quiet. The dock is perfect for casting out a line and watching the cranes fly by while anticipating your next catch. Weather and some unfortunate circumstances didn’t enable us to try out the grill, fire pit, or pedal boat. Everything in the house feels fairly new and in good working order. There’s a cleanliness about the house that we really appreciated. And, to top it all off, the owners are genuinely nice people. Plus, their small store is a bit of a country one-stop-shop if you don’t want to drive the extra 5 miles into town.

The only earnest complaint I can muster for the place is that the water pressure is pretty weak.